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    Zoeair SherrinZoeair Sherrin

    What is the first step in supporting my patients to do the proLon diet – is there some training

    Michael ThomsenMichael Thomsen

    Hi Zoe,
    I had replied but obviously it didn’t go through.
    The ProLon kit has a couple of inserts which explains how to use the kit, it is pretty straight forward.

    In terms of practitioner training, we are working on that at the moment. I will arrange for ongoing webinars to present the science of the fasting mimicking diet and as we get more information from the clinical trials, we will present this as well.

    In the meantime I suggest practitioners watch some of the videos (there are two training videos) and read some of the research.
    This article is a good place to start: Fasting-mimicking diet and markers/risk factors for aging, diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease

    Practitioners are also welcome to email or call me on 03 6285 2044 or mobile 0438 700 287.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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